As-Salamo Alycum,

Please see the updated information below.

Two good news we like to share:

1. We were able to get Coliseum booked for both dates without any additional cost.  Most likely Eid will be on Thursday May 13th 2021  but in case Eid is on May 12th it will be at the same location, Coliseum.  Salat will start at 8AM. As it's a drive-in event so it may take a long time to drive in and out of the event therefore prepare yourself for delays and expect to be there for a longer time.

2. Second good news is that there will be a Car Eid Parade after the Salat. If you are interested, bring your car decorated and stay at your parking spot after Salat for more directions.

Updated Information:

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Prayer Services

Prayer Times

  • Fajr          : 15 min After Adhan

  • Dohar      : 2:00 pm

  • Asr           : 6:30 pm

  • Maghrib  : 5 min after Adhan

  • Isha          : 10:30 pm

  • Jummah (Friday) :1st:  1:30 PM2nd: 2:00 PM,  3rd :  2:30 PM.


One Step at a Time

Due to Coronavirus Pandemic all in person activities has been suspended. 

Once the pandemic is over we will post information here for all activities.

Sunday Islamic School for kids:

  There are few privately run Weekend Islamic Schools but all of those are closed at the moment due to pandemic. We will post information here once they reopen.

Volunteer Opportunities

Helping The Community

Moncton Muslim Association is dedicated to stepping up our efforts in engaging community. Volunteer Opportunities is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area.  If you like to get evolved and be a volunteer to help grow this community, please email us at monctonmuslimassociation@gmail.com with your name and area of interest. We will contact you with further details.


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