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As-Salamo Alycum Brother and Sisters,
Salat-Al-Eid will be on Saturday July 9th at Moncton Coliseum Indoor Hall, 377 Killam Drive, Moncton, NB E1C 3T1. Please see the attached map for entrance information.

While coming from the Mountain road side on Killam Drive take first right after Ayer Ave to go into our main parking lot. Use door 22 or door 17 to go into the hall for prayers. If this designated parking lot is full, you can use the large parking lot (marked on map as second parking) of the coliseum by entering from entry-1 and use the first entry door on right as you enter into the parking lot.   

There will be two prayers:


First Salat: 7:30 AM (Khutabah English and Arabic)

Second Salat: 9 AM (Khutabah Arabic only)



1.    Be on time

2.    Bring your own prayer mats.

3.    Make wadu at home

4.    Masks are not mandatory but we highly encourage people to wear masks, as it is an indoor event.

5.    Families are welcomed. If you bring young kids, we highly recommend that you ask them to stay with you at all times. We do not want kids running everywhere.

6.    DO NOT DOUBLE PARK OR BLOCK ENTRY/EXIT AREAS. There are coliseum staff and other businesses that use the same parking so we cannot block their entry and exit. If main parking lot is full use the second parking lot on other side

7.    Do not park in accessibility parking unless you have a permit.

8.    We will not be proving kids treat boxes after Salat this year as we have focused on Eid celebration activities that start at 1PM


Eid Celebrations:

Eid celebration activities will start at 1PM Same Day Saturday July 9th. This year we have arranged a full day of Eid Celebration and Fun for kids. Eid Celebrations will be at the same location after Eid Salat from 1pm to 8pm. For Celebration entry use gate-20. Food truck will be in front of gate-20. All Muslim Community is invited. Entry will be free. Here are fun activities that will be available FREE Inshallah:

1.    Two bouncy Castles

2.    One obstacle course

3.    Balloon twisting

4.    Glitter Tattoos for little kids

5.    Snack shop and drinks (You have to pay for you purchase)

Note: For kids activities make sure they are wearing the right dress for physical activities. We know on Eid we like to dress up traditionally but for above activities you will need a loose fit and safe dress.

Halal Food Truck with full menu (You have to pay for your food):

We have arranged Avtar Food truck to bring Halal food. Food Truck is instructed to be wipe cleaned, only Halal items will be placed on the truck and all meat dishes will be certified Halal. Here is the expected menu:

 Avatar food truck menu

1.    Tandoori chicken tikka naan wrap with cool mint and coriander chutney

2.    Handmade vegetable samosa with mint and coriander chutney.

3.    Handmade chicken samosa with mint and coriander chutney.

4.    Classic Butter chicken with naan bread and basmati rice

5.    Spicy south Indian style chicken curry with basmati rice and cucumber, onion, cilantro raita (Gluten free)

6.    Malabar region (southern India) spicy chicken curry made with homemade spices, fresh

7.    Malabar lamb curry with cumin rice and cucumber, onion, cilantro raita (Gluten free and lactose free)

8.    Paneer tikka and matter masala with cumin basmati rice

9.    Chana and spinach masala with butter naan bread and cucumber, onion raita (vegan, gluten free with rice)

10.Mysore masala Dosa with potato stew and served with coconut chutney and tomato chutney

11. Homemade vermicelli pudding (Desert)

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Prayer Services

Prayer Times

  • 1st Jummah Prayer (Friday)12:30 PM

  • 2nd Jummah Prayer (Friday): 1:15 PM

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One Step at a Time

Weekend Islamic School for kids:

Weekend Islamic School on every Saturday from 11 am to 1:20 pm

Volunteer Opportunities

Helping The Community

Moncton Muslim Association is dedicated to stepping up our efforts in engaging community. Volunteer Opportunities is by no means an easy feat, but through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we can facilitate progress in this area.  If you like to get evolved and be a volunteer to help grow this community, please email us at with your name and area of interest. We will contact you with further details.


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