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Welfare Work

moncton Muslim Association

moncton Masjid

moncton Muslim Association (MMA) consistently receives donations in the form of Sadaqa, Zakat Al-Mal, and Zakat Al-Fitr throughout the year and continuously distribute them to those in need. Sometime people approach us for help and we raise money to help them if the need is urgent even though our main mandate is to run and operate the Masjid and fulfil related needs of the community.

MMA makes special arranges to collect Zakat-ul-Fitr during month of Ramadan, and take all steps necessary to make sure the amount reaches the deserving before Eid. MMA proudly supports local charities, amount collected as Zakat-ul-Maal and Zakat-ul-fitr (during Ramadan) is often donated locally to shelter homes (especially Harvest House moncton).